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Labels or Backstamps
(The style of labels)

From our observations of the Colour Box Cats range we have identified a number
 of labels which were stuck onto the bases of the Colour Box Cats ranges.
This is an early pale blue backstamp without any reference to Colour Box or Peter Fagan. A later pale blue stamp which now has Peter's signature on it, and the date designed. Later again, still pale blue, this time taking the name of the piece and its design date.
(Found on pieces 1983 - 1986) (Found on pieces 1986 - 1992) (Found on pieces 1992 - 1996)
A Cream label, with Peter's signature on it together with the model name, code and the design date. Later cream label, this seems to be the last form of label. With Peter's signature on it and the model's name and code. White label for the Arthur range of cats.
(Found on pieces 1996 - 1998) (Found on pieces after 1997) (Pieces produced in 1994 - 1995)

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