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Peter Fagan the Artist

(a potted history)

All the cat models shown on our site were designed and created
by Peter Fagan.
  • Peter Fagan was born on the 5th November 1942 in Essex.

  • He was trained at the Colchester College of Art during the early 1960's.

  • He was a Bus Conductor, a pottery teacher at Braintree, an art studio assistant, then became an Exhibition Stand Designer.

  • 1972 Peter decides to leave Essex to move to Scotland, and stops in Lauder in the Scottish Borders.

  • 1973 Bronze Age Ltd was founded, which sold Peters first designs of animals cast in a cold cast bronze resin.

  • Early 1980's it seemed that the demand for bronze figures was waning and in 1982 one of Peters small bronze cat figurines was painted and sold very well.

  • In the Spring trade fair in 1983 the Home Sweet home collection was launched. and Colour Box was born, this is where our site starts.

  • 1987 Peter goes on holiday to Belgium where he discovered teddy bears, and the Teddy Bear Collection was formed. Also in June 1987 the Colour Box Collectors club was formed, which provided a regular newsletter Limited Editions and Club members pieces.

  • 8th July 1989 the Colour Box shop and visitors centre was opened in Lauder.

  • 1994 Peter launches Pennywhistle Lane, Good Golly and Arthur the Cat ranges of models.

  • 2000 Color Box closes due in part to the high pound, the glut of cheap imitations flooding the market, and difficult export conditions.

  • November 2000 Peter Fagan launches his Peter Fagan Collectors Club and new web site

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