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Our Sales System
(This service is currently FREE to use)

Getting Started - Registering - Buying - Selling - Problems - Disclaimer

The following Instructions and Notes are intended to show how to buy and sell from our web site. We suggest you print out this page before using our system.

Getting Started

To sell or buy an item you must fill in the registration form which asks for your name and address and other details, this information is not released to third parties, only to the person you are buying from or selling to. This is so the buyer can send you the cheque/postal order and the seller can send you the goods.

  • All transactions are carried out via e-mail so you must ensure that your e-mail address is valid, or the system will not work.
  • The system is interactive so once you have entered a cat for sale, it will be available to all buyers.
  • You cannot make an offer on your own items for sale.


  • Please read the conditions of use before registering your details
  • If you fill in an incorrect e-mail address, the system will not work either for buying or selling.
  • Please fill in all the details, the minimum postage charge is there as a guideline to the buyer.
  • The currency field is there for sellers and buyers outside the UK.
  • After you have filled in the registration form, you must reply to the e-mail sent to you to activate the account and get your password.

If you are Buying.

  • You will need to register on the site before you can buy.
  • On any of our cat indexes you will see a against any of the cat models that are for sale.
  • Click on the model, and you will see .
    Click on the picture and you will see the cats for sale, their condition and the price requested in the currency of the seller.
  • To buy just click on the button, and complete your e-mail address, your password, and the price you wish to offer, please note this may not be in your own currency.
  • Once an offer is made the item is flagged and no more offers can be made until the buyer either Accepts or Refuses your offer.
  • Once an offer has been Accepted, an e-mail is sent to both parties with their counterparties  contact details, and is shown against the item.

If you are Selling.

  • Once registered you will need to log in with your email address and the password provided during registration.
  • On the lower part of this screen you are able to input the details of the cats you have for sale, their price etc
  • On the same screen you can delete an incorrect entry.
  • Also on the same screen you can also accept or reject an offer made by a buyer.

    If you reject an offer, new offers will only be accepted at a price above the one you have refused.
  • At the bottom of the screen is the list of cats you have for sale.


  • We at accept no responsibility for the delivery of goods sold using our system, we only provide the mechanism for the matching of Sellers and Buyers.
  • Our Selling System is currently under development, and may still have unknown bugs in it which may cause problems, if you have any problems see below.
  • We recommend the sending of goods by Recorded Post, which will prevent disputes over delivery.
  • We also accept no responsibility for the quality of goods provided, however we believe that users of our system are honest.
  • The Seller is responsible for the safe delivery of goods of the correct quality.
  • The Buyer is responsible for the payment for the goods.

Problem Resolution

As this is a brand new system, we anticipate one or two teething problems, please email and describe how the problem occurred.

Many Thanks


If you have any comments on our site please contact us -