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Identifying Unknown Models.

We at are still trying to complete
our Reference to the Colour Box Cats models and would
appreciate your help.

If you have any cat models for which we have no photo
or description, we would appreciate you sending a photo
and a description so we can update our site. We will of
course acknowledge the source of the information.

If you think we should feature additional items such as the
Collectors Club Magazine on the site please help by emailing
us a photo and the details so we can include them.

If you wish to sell any other Colour Box Cat related items
that we do not include on the site, again just send a photo
and the details so we can include them.
(Any item shown on the site can be bought and sold).

Let us know what you think of the site, and how we might
improve it.

We are trying hard to bring you a comprehensive site and
would appreciate any help you can offer.


Note:- Due to copyright legislation we can only accept photographs
which have been taken by yourselves, and not those scanned in from
books magazines etc.

If you have any comments on our site please contact us -