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Box Designs
(Box variations throughout the production process)

From our collection of the Colour Box Cats range we have found the following boxes used for packing. We have included some DF design boxes as the models are still being sold by Peter Fagan.

The first models under the Bronze Age Ltd banner were produced in a box which resembled a small house and printed on the inside, this was an expensive printing process, and was superceeded fairly quickly as Colour Box started bulk manufacture.

The earlier models were produced on a maroon box with the Home Sweet Home logo on the front, this consists of  the words Peter Fagan's Home Sweet Home Collection, and a picture of a cat on a window ledge, one on a bed and the third on an arm chair.

On the back again the words Peter Fagan's Home Sweet Home Collection, but in place of the illustration are two paragraphs, the first reads Peter Fagan's original 'Colour Box' collection. Each sculpture is entirely hand made and painted in Scotland. The second paragraph reads Colour Box Miniatures LTD. Orchard Estate, Lauder Berwickshire TD2 6RH

There are two base types for the maroon boxes, the earliest looks the same as the lid on top of the box, the second later type has an interlocking base. In the photograph above the later model is shown on the left and the older version on the right.

From about 1994 the maroon boxes were superceeded by the dark blue boxes with the revised logo on the top and front, this type of packaging continued till the demise of Colour Box.

The rear of the box is a scrolled box with the following two paragraphs. Every Colour Box figurine tells a story. Each piece has been designed in Scotland and hand crafted with care for your collection. The second paragraph Colour Box Ltd, Lauder, Berwickshire, TD2 6PA, Scotland. Tel: 01578 722725

In 1994 a range of cats were made to promote the Spillers Arthur the Cat range of cat foods, they were produced in the box shown above which utilised the interlocking box base.

On the top is the old Colour Box logo as seen on the maroon packs. On the front and both sides is as white panel reading Spillers Arthur's from the world of Peter Fagan and an illustration of a stylised cat licking its paws.

On the rear is a white panel containing the following text - Off-stage Arthur is unaffected by the trappings of success, living simply and harmoniously with Ann and her other family pets. Arthur loves his food and after a hard day's work, there's nothing he likes better than a main meal of his favourite cat food - the one Spillers has named after him. Also on the white panel is a paw stamp which reads SEEN AND APPROVED by Arthur. Below the panel is the following text Colour Box, Orchard Estate, Lauder Berwickshire, Scotland TD2 6RH.

The above two packs are in brown corrugated board, and are the current packs that you will receive if you order cats via DF Design Agency Peter Fagan's new company.

The first is embossed in gold, and the second is a hot foil stamped label.

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